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Четверг, 20 Янв 2022

Smart Box

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New SMART BOX series is a new generation drawer system, the youngest branded product of leading company SAMET related to furniture industry worldwide
The particular drawer system consists of an extensive range of innovative characteristics and privileges, which provide the producer as well as the end user with special advantages in both functional and aesthetical point of view, therefore dominate the market compared to other similar products.
In particular SMART BOX drawer systems offer:
- increased loading capacity options up to 40 kg and 65 kg due to improved rail strength and renovated slide system
- increased safety level, following improvements on lapel and rail mechanisms drawers are locked safely
- convenient assembly, placement and dismounting of drawer and front panel with a single movement due to innovative technologies SMART CLICK and SMART FIT
- front panel adjustment availability ±2mm up-down and ±1.5mm left-right without using any tools
- smooth and silent closing due to the new design soft-closing device placed on the rails
-adjustable dividers and various dimension alternatives for maximum flexibility of drawer organizing
SMART BOX new edition drawer systems is a dynamic proposal to furniture manufacturing, setting new standards related to furniture that combine practicality, quality as well as aesthetics.

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