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Sunday, 17 Oct 2021

Medwood 2008

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in MEDWOOD 2008

A high level booth, in terms of both design and quality, was developed by the architects group of company KARAVco KARAVASILOGLOU in order to support successfully her participation needs during Medwood 2008.

An impressive space of total area covering 300 m2, hosted a significant part of KARAVCO’s wide product range, forwarded and dispensable to the Greek furniture manufacturers and the market in general.

New age technological equipment, elegant stands and crystal facades presented with the most efficient and unique way the utmost innovative proposals, the ergonomic solutions and the high quality materials and accessories that the well know company imports, represents and deals with.

Among them are included hinges, sliders, table sliding systems and accessories, wardrobe and office sliding systems, furniture feet and castors, kitchen and bathroom systems and accessories, decorative fittings, hardware, knobs and handles, furniture fittings, shelves and panels support fittings, glues, upholstery material, bedding systems and mechanisms, mattresses and also special decorative materials.

The increased visitation magnitudes confirmed the success of KARAVCO’s participation, as the professional visitors who came into her stand were many, who were informed analytically by the company’s personnel – who retain complete technological knowledge – about the products  characteristics and identities and therefore had a direct contact with them.


The new series concentrated the increased interest of furniture manufacturers, interior designers and architects, such as the upholstery and furniture jewelry, the motorized soft-closing wardrobe sliders, the decorative panels and also the innovative drawer sliding systems “Smart Box”. 


Materials and accessories of high level aesthetics and ergonomics, produced by the latest technologies aiming at the successful reciprocation to the contemporary living spaces, needs, wishes and specialties rising from the evolving prerequisites, have become the most up to date reference.

KARAVco-KARAVASILOGLOU is focusing for years in the selection of products which overcome much every effort to imitate them and in her business collaborations are included only the ones whom signature is equivalent to high quality and superiority.

The company’s goal, besides fulfilling her business vision, is her substantial contribution to adopting fast new, contemporary manufacturing applications in the field of furniture.

Her Moto «it’s good to be different” reflects her philosophy and initiates her course of action in time.


KARAVco 16th km. Thessaloniki-Kavala, tel. +30 23940 52656,

fax +30 2394/052.659, http:, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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