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Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Medwood 2010

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Supported by high level products that represents and deals with, as well as its constant focus on design, company KARAVCO-KARAVASILOGLOU made an outstanding appearance during “Medwood 2010”.

The increased visitation magnitudes confirmed the success of KARAVCO’s participation, as the professional visitors who came into her stand were indeed too many.

In this year’s organization KARAVCO-KARAVASILOGLOU was developed in a comfortable and elegant space, where there were presented all the evolutions regarding furniture fittings and accessories included in her wide portfolio.

The presentation of contemporary materials and new technologies related to new series by leading companies BORTOLUZZI, SAMET and SEVDEHAN make the difference and reflect KARAVCO’s significant investments in the sector of furniture accessories.

Investments were made in new age technological equipment as well as in the design of new products.

The new decorative panels concentrated the increased interest of interior designers and architects, overcoming much the common shapes in terms of motifs as well as materials used, making the difference to the contemporary architecture and its related applications.

The new age wardrobe sliding systems, the artistic new series of handles, the high level kitchen and bathroom accessories in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics, produced by the latest technologies aiming at the successful reciprocation to the contemporary living spaces, needs, wishes and specialties rising from the evolving prerequisites, have become the most up to date reference from the furniture manufacturers point of view.

With her participation in “Medwood 2010”, KARAVco-KARAVASILOGLOU confirmed the essence and importance of evolution related to furniture fittings and accessories in the market, was placed in the center of interest with her exhibits, rightfully won the visitors impressions and created solid bases for new business collaborations.


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