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Sunday, 17 Oct 2021


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Having as basic prerequisites the quality and international standards as far as the selection of materials and products is concerned, company KARAVASSILOGLOU-KARAVCO is today one of the biggest and most significant enterprises dealing with import, exclusive representation and commerce related to furniture fittings and accessories. The particular field consists of a wide range of products, approximately by 6.000 different article numbers. Among these articles exist knobs, locks, tools, furniture and sofas feet, kitchen accessories, furniture lighting systems, drawer slides, hinges, frame fittings, wadding, elastic straps, wardrobe slides, table slides, kitchen hoods, sinks, connecting accessories, hardware, sofas systems and many more which reciprocate to the advanced needs of the professionals, who deal with wooden constructions in general.
Furniture fittings can be identified either industrial or consumable, depending on their application and of course the categories of customers who use them. The industrial range is used by carpenters in order to produce another product while the consumable range is intended to be used by individuals in order to decorate, make more functional and user-friendly the final product (furniture), without interfering to its initial identity.
In order to maintain best the above mentioned articles, the company’s range of products can be categorized as follows:
Kitchen fittings
Furniture fittings (wardrobe, frame, bedroom, table, office)
Upholstery fittings
Decorative material (hardware)
Furniture mechanisms and machinery

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