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Thursday, 20 Jan 2022


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Company KARAVCO-KARAVASILOGLOU functions in three different levels.

In terms of its pure enterpreunial role, the company feasts and represents significant firms in Greece and Cyprus such as Bortoluzzi, Alicrite, Styling, Siretessile, Donati, Molina, Toreggianni, Oke, TizzoniSevdehan, Samet, Si Mi Teks,  Cag Kabara, Cadorna, Neboard, Edessa, System, Zobal etc.

Moreover, it operates as a forwarding agent of the Greek economy by exporting goods to the Balkans and others (Albania, Bulgaria, Fyrom, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Cyprus), and also as a perspective to the future supported by significant initiatives. 

In particular, the development of infrastructures such as the personnel’s constant education and training by field specialists and moreover the creation of new, interactive relationships in terms of information and communication with the customers, aim at the specialization and upgrade of the field.

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